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Writer and Author:  Major Key Distinction To Know

Writer and Author

Writer and Author:  Major Key Distinction To Know

The phrases “writer” and “author” are sometimes used synonymously. Even seasoned and published authors might be unable to distinguish between the two. Even if the distinction between writers and authors is slight, everyone from independent authors to New York Times bestselling authors should know it.

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Who is the writer?

A writer creates literary works like books, essays, blogs, novels, or short tales. Even if a person writes a journal, movie script, or a piece that is not their own, they are still regarded as writer! You might also work as a content writer. There are countless possibilities; essentially, anyone who writes for whatever purpose is regarded as a writer.

Who is the author?

An author is a person who created a written work, such as a book or a play; they are also sometimes referred to as writers. They are responsible for anything they write and post. People sometimes confuse the two terms at this point because a writer might also be considered to be an author, although the reverse is not true. The author is the proprietor of their work and possesses the copyright to it, unlike writers who almost definitely do not.

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Different Types of Writers

We must examine several subcategories to distinguish between authors and writers. Let’s examine the different types of writers.


Most often, copywriters collaborate with a company entity or ad agency to create logical and persuading content for everything from memorable slogans to audience-focused digital advertisements. They also write text for websites, blog posts, printed materials, and even sales materials. 

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Content writer

As they create captivating material for the company’s website and social media platforms, content writers contribute to the brand’s favorable image development. Throughout their writing careers, they gain strong research abilities, graphic design expertise, and an understanding of SEO best practices. 

Technical writers 

One of the highest paying writing positions is that of a technical writer, who, as the title implies, is a tech-savvy someone who thoroughly comprehends the product’s technology and writes manuals, FAQs, and instructions. 

Ghost Writer

Although the ideas for a ghost writer’s article are not their own, they are provided by their clients and employers. These concepts are then formalized into a persuasive speech, post on social media, essay, or book. 


Scriptwriters create scripts for many media, including motion pictures, television, podcasts, plays, and commercials.


Journalists typically write about political or general subjects for the public to read. Additionally, they write about subjects including entertainment, health, world news, finance, etc.

Creative writers 

Interesting blogs are a specialty of creative writers. Fashion writers, academic writers, health writers, gender studies writers, travel writers, food writers, literary writers, and long-form writers are more categories into which creative writers can be divided.

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Different Types of Authors

The many categories of authors are shown below.

Fiction Author

Short tales, novels, screenplays, and dramas are various forms of fiction that authors might compose. They are more akin to fictional prose works that delight readers by letting them see the author’s point of view. Novelists, playwrights, short story writers, radio dramatists, and screenwriters are the same subcategories. Some well-known authors are Anita Desai, Ashwin Sanghi, Amitav Ghosh, Aravind Adiga, Ashok Banker, Amit Chaudhri, and Amish Tripathi.

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Authors of nonfiction

Nonfiction writers are those who present information that is accurate and true about individuals or events. They publish travelogues, cooking books, or collections of articles on various subjects. Natasha Badhwar, Sudha Menon, Gurucharan Das, Devdutt Pattnaik, and S Hussain Zaidi are a few well-known nonfiction writers.


A poet is a person who performs poetry and publishes original poetry. They might also read their poetry aloud. They often express their ideas through poetry and communicate through metaphors. Among the well-known poets are Ezra Pound, T.S. Eliot, Edgar Allan Poe, John Keats, John Milton, Walt Whitman, William Blake, Percy Bysshe Shelley, and William Shakespeare.

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Frequently Asked Question

What exactly does a writer do?

A writer, sometimes known as a staff writer, puts thoughts into words by a set of guidelines or a certain style. They must conduct background research, edit their work after receiving comments from editors or clients, and proofread their drafts.

What does a writer’s point of view entail?

A topic or the concepts being conveyed are viewed from the author’s point of view. Viewpoint encompasses both the data presentation’s language and content. An author’s point of view, beliefs, theories, presumptions, and potential bias are discerned by thoughtful readers.

What distinguishes a writer from a novelist from an author?

While all writers and authors are authors, not all writers and authors are novelists. While someone who writes for an online blog is a writer, they are not typically considered an author or novelist.

An author, but not a writer, has written nonfiction books or scholarly papers to their credit.

A novelist has authored fictional works, especially if released as novels.


After reading this blog, we hope you better understand the distinction between an author and a writer. Many well-known authors took writers’ help to compile their thoughts and information and write their books.

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