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eBooks have opened up a whole new world of possibilities for budding authors and novelists. If you have been wondering where I can publish my eBook, join hands with Kalpvriksh to have your book on Kindle, iPad and on the very best eBook publishing sites. As one of the leading eBook publishers in India, our foray into eBook publishing is high quality, comprehensive and guaranteed. We are conversant with the legitimate publishing platforms for eBooks and will help you with not just the creation of your eBook, but also the distribution.

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Worldwide Distribution

As one of India’s stalwart eBook self publishing companies, we have partnered with the most expert and largest eBook distributors in the world including Amazon Kindle

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Proper eBook Formatting

Have you seen eBooks with blank pages, huge gaps in between text and other glaring formatting errors? You definitely would not want your eBooks in India to be published that way and neither would we. 

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Fantastic Earnings

Publish eBook online with Kalpvriksh and become an established author, as well as, earn a healthy royalty from your net eBook sales. You can get in touch with us to discuss the finer details of your earnings

Frequently Asked Questions

How Can I Publish an eBook?

When you choose Kalpviksh, publishing an eBook is easy. All the self-publishing services you want are available from us in one location, including eBook conversion, expert book editing, eBook cover design, and more. Additionally, we provide global distribution, including through Amazon KDP Select!

Our Publishing Specialists can assist you if you have a completed manuscript ready for publication. Call us at +91 7528874047 to learn more now, or you may save a quote.

Can I create my eBook?

The eBook format is open to self-publishers and almost free for them, so “books” that are too brief to be worth printing on paper can make excellent eBooks. So go ahead and apply a basic concept.

How Can I Market My eBook?

Utilizing Kalpvriksh marketing services has never been simpler for selling your eBook. The first choice is to use Bookshop to sell your book straight to readers. The Bookshop is your one-stop shop where you can increase your earnings, widen your audience, receive payment more quickly, and maintain complete control over the content of your web pages.

Have any doubt in the whole process

Just hit our inbox, we are here to clear your confussion and make  your journey  smooth.