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How to Make Money from Writing Books: Full Guide

How to Make Money from Writing Books

How to Make Money from Writing Books

Have you ever considered writing a book? People want to know how to make money from writing books and how much they earn per book. In this article, I will share all information related to money earned from writing books and are necessary requirements to get paid for your writing.

So first, you must know the difference between an author and a writer. An author is someone who writes books, and a writer is someone who writes for a living. Authors are often also journalists, bloggers, or screenwriters.

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Can you make money as a writer?

Yes! Authors often make more money than writers. I have yet to find any official statistics on the subject. Still, from my five years of publishing experience, I can tell you that writers who specialize in a matter make more money than regular writers.

This article focuses on the author of the book. As a publisher of books, a reviewer for the Kalpvriksh Publishing House, and someone who helps authors sell their books, I have noticed a growing trend.

Today, more than ever, authors are expected to self-publish their books. If this is you, learn the best ways to monetize your book. For more help check out WRITERSTUTOR.COM.

This means you are expected to be a marketer, not just a writer. This fixed the issue. Now let’s talk about money.

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How do authors make money?

Authors typically make their money through traditional book publishers or self-published marketplaces. In both cases, the author makes a profit based on the number of copies sold of the book. In conventional publishing, companies often pay book authors upfront to cover living expenses while writing and then pay back the upfront payment as royalties on the completed book.

Some authors choose to become ghostwriters, earn a flat fee by writing their books, and claim that the person who hired them is the author so that they can earn income from selling their books. Let’s look at the top two ways writers make money.

There are two ways an author makes money. One way is to sell books, and the other is to sell products based on the book’s content. Your first step is to learn how to get this money.

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Method 1: Direct Sales of Books by Publishers

The author earns revenue from book sales in two ways: royalties or advance payments.

What is Book Advance?

An advance payment is money an author receives from a publisher before publishing the book. Upfront payments are usually given to authors who have published a bestseller or are likely to become a bestseller. Advance payments are only available to authors with a publishing contract.

What is the Royalty?

Royalty is money paid to the author after the book is published and sold. As an author, you receive a percentage of sales based on how you post your text. Both self-publishers and authors working with publishers can earn royalties.

If you work with a publisher, some of your royalties must go to the publisher, your agent, and you. Even if you are a self-published author, you still need to pay the company that helped publish your book, which in many cases is Amazon. By giving up on professional publishers, you get a higher percentage of book sales.

Another strategy to get more profit from direct sales of books is to produce the books in different formats. These include digital, paperback, hardcover, and audio. This helps reach a wider audience as consumers choose a more comfortable design.

How much do authors earn per book?

Authors earn an average of  5-10%  on a book through Traditional Publishers and up to 70% of the profit of book through Self-Publishing House. Of course, you must sell many books to get paid enough for your job. Of course, with significant publishers backing your book, you may be fine selling large amounts of inventory.

Alternatively, most self-published authors pay companies such as Amazon about 30% for each copy he sells.

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Method #2: Generate Sales Based on Self-Published Book Content

Successful authors look for income opportunities outside of book sales. The main reason is the limited sales capacity of books. After you sell your book, the deal ends until you write another. Conversely, if you sell things based on the content of your book, your chances of making money are endless.

What does it mean to make money from the content of a book?

● Product Sales

● Lectures

● Consulting

● Education

● Presales

● Crowdfunding

● Special Events and Travel

How much do authors make from e-books?

Before considering how much authors typically make from e-books, it is essential to clear up some misconceptions about self-publishing. Writing and publishing an e-book for free is possible, but most successful authors invest their self-publishing money into their books to boost sales.

Ratings and reviews are so powerful in the online marketplace that creating a book that satisfies your readers are worth the upfront investment. Successful e-book authors hire editors and book cover designers and typically invest in marketing and pay to advertise. All of this costs money and affects the overall profit of the book.

Each e-book publishing platform has additional revenue agreements with authors. Retailers like iBooks, Kobo, and Barnes & Noble/NOOK all offer different licensing fees. These platforms also reach different markets on other devices, thus affecting the author’s target users. Despite all these differences, the author can expect to earn 40-70% of the cover price of each copy sold.

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How much does the author earn per book on Amazon?

Amazon controls about 80% of the e-book market, making it almost impossible for authors to ignore them. Amazon’s publishing agreements are multi-layered and should be read carefully. Generally, authors agree to grant Amazon exclusive rights to distribute their books in exchange for access to Preferred Kindle Marketplaces and participation in the Kindle Lending Library.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you get paid to write books?

So is it worth writing a book for? The short answer is yes. If you want to self-publish, the key to getting a full-time book-writing job is to have multiple books, an active fan base, and an idea of how to sell them.

Do Authors Get Paid?

Authors can expect to make a full-time living if they have multiple books, know how to market them well, and have active and dedicated fan bases. Many factors affect an author’s annual income, including book sales, royalties, and printing costs.

How do I publish my first book?

● Complete the book and get feedback from the editor.

● Submit a manuscript to a publisher.

● Sign a contract to publish a book.

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The author never talks about money, but the question of “how to make money from writing books” is prevalent. I hope you got your answer and cleared all your doubts.  If you have any questions, please get in touch with us or leave a comment.




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