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If you are a writer and struggling to continue, then this article is for you!

Writing is an art, it’s not a one go task. It takes days, months or years to plan, compile, and write. It can come up with so many challenges. One who succeeds is the one who overcomes these challenges.

Here I share some common challenges writer’s face in their writing journey and how to overcome it. Let’s check it out.


You experience this when writing is challenging. You just lack the inspiration to write, are unsure of when you will feel motivated, and have no idea what to write about.

Writer’s block can be really dangerous if you don’t address it right away. The easy fixes listed below can help you get beyond writer’s block.

Get some sleep. Check to see that you are receiving enough sleep and are not overly stressed.

Continue to read. Without consumption, one cannot generate. Make sure you read, read, and read some more because you need knowledge to succeed.

Regularly moving around. Sometimes, the issue stems from your inaction. Make sure you are getting enough exercise because how creative you are may have a lot to do with the amount of blood flowing through your brain. We get physically strong and healthy through exercise. It puts us in the proper mindset.

Avoid writing. Writer’s block might occur when you have been writing for a very long period and it is killing you. Try to avoid writing for an entire day. Get out there, take in the scenery, visit with friends, and have a great time. The amount of energy and productivity you have left over at the end of the day will surprise you.

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You are very certain that you can write that piece, but you are at a loss for topics or talking points. Everyone experiences it, but the good news is that there is a fix for it. The methods listed below can help you come up with topic ideas.

Watch nature. You can get some of your best ideas by looking at the trees around you, your dog, or any other piece of nature.

Read everything that comes your way, as long as it’s excellent. Lack of ideas can be cured by reading. Read everything that is presented to you, keeping an open mind to new ideas that can enhance what you intend to write.

Look up topics to write about. For some of your own ideas, use Google, social media, and websites.


This alone can be a major issue, especially if you reside in a neighborhood where there are lots of kids or in a busy, unproductive area. I’ve already written a comprehensive piece about productivity, which I consider to be among the best available.

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The most hazardous issue that may affect a writer is this one. No matter how talented or experienced you are, you won’t get very far until you are sure of what you have to give.

Being self-assured is more than simply knowing your stuff; it also involves being willing to ask for what you’re worth. You won’t allow yourself to accept any pay when you are secure in your abilities and what you are worth. Since you are confident that your service will result in results, you will gladly demand what you are worth.

One of the main causes of insecurity in aspiring authors is fear. Many authors are scared and plagued with “what ifs”: What if this is the last client I get for a while?

What if what I’m asking for isn’t truly worth it?

What if my service doesn’t provide the desired effects?

What if there are no other options for making ends meet?

What if this article doesn’t generate any sales?

What if no one purchases when I ask them to?

These questions can be really perplexing, and if you’re not careful, you’ll probably choose a lot of the incorrect answers. In circumstances like this, I remind myself that there is and has always been a greater option. The more you cling to those unproductive proposals, the further away you are from finding folks who will pay you well, is something I’ve gradually come to realize.

Internal confidence is independent of abilities, experience, or reputation.

Most folks have not yet applied for a writing position with that significant organization. Most people still haven’t asked for a raise in pay from their clients or pitched a guest article to that influential blogger. Is it because they lack the necessary skills? No, it’s because they doubt their capacity to succeed. They don’t think they have what it takes, which is why.


Getting clients is perhaps the biggest problem that authors have to deal with. Many people think they have the abilities, but they just can’t seem to attract clients. Most importantly, many authors who read this want REAL clients who will pay them what they are worth, not just any client. I’ve got good news if you’re one of these writers—you’re not the only one!

There are several approaches to find customers who will treat you with the respect you merit. According to my experience, the formula below will always be effective.

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Find a Service That Not Many Can Provide: The more services there are available, the less likely it is that a client will hire you, and if they do, the less likely it is that they will treat you properly. To become virtually indispensable should be your goal. Your odds of success increase as you become more crucial to an organization’s success, as fewer people can provide the same service as you, and as the likelihood increases that losing you will have an effect on any organization. This requires time, effort, and a lot of ingenuity, but if you can provide a service that few others can, you will have enough clients and get paid what you are worth.

Find a group of individuals or organizations that require your services: The following step is to make a list of the people or businesses that will require your services. Make sure your list is as long as it can be and that only individuals who share your ideals are included. You should make a very long list because not everyone will hire you, in my opinion. If you approach up to 100 companies with the correct offer, you’ll have enough clients and an opportunity to haggle and acquire better terms should you choose to work with only one or two of them.

Make contact with them to inform them of how you can assist them: You should live by the adage “Results are rewarded, but efforts aren’t” in this situation. Never tell a client how many articles you can produce in a month when you approach them. Tell them how your prior businesses benefited from your experience, what outcomes each article you write will produce, and the activities you will take to achieve these outcomes. 

If this is a company you really want to work for, you might need to make a guarantee or give a deal or a free trial of your service. Some of these processes appear cumbersome, but if you truly understand what you’re doing and want to see results, they shouldn’t be.

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Offer to Assist Them for Nearly Two Times What You Really Want to Charge: Charge them twice as much as you planned to once you’ve gotten them to cooperate with you. Although it may seem counterintuitive, you’ll be surprised by how successful it can be. Since the majority of these customers are already convinced that you can benefit their company, charging them so much won’t have a negative effect. In actuality, it will elevate your status in their eyes. Naturally, the majority of these clients will bargain, so you won’t be paid less than you’re worth. Bottom line: Regardless of how much they offer, you will still end up with a superior deal.


Because we think “people will hate us,” “they will condemn us,” and “some people will even say we’ve sold out,” we are all terrified to sell. This is normal, but the sooner you accept the fact that you must sell every day, the more you may improve as a salesperson by accepting that part of yourself.

Consider this: just getting a few people to read your blog counts as selling. Selling is persuading someone to become your buddy or to accept your point of view. Why not embrace that you sell every day and strive to be a better seller to do a better job at it?

Realizing that some customers will always complain and that there is nothing you can do to stop them is the key to overcoming the fear of selling. They are not a part of your target audience.

As a writer, you must continue to produce and support yourself. Selling is essential to your success, therefore don’t be averse to doing it.


Money has been a big issue for me throughout my writing career. I’m just not good at budgeting. There are many urgent large needs that demand my money, and taking care of these things occasionally necessitates my being offline for days.

Budgeting and saving money are the answers. Make sure to budget how much you want to spend and how much you want to save before you receive your paycheck for a given month.

Frequently Asked Questions

What really is challenging about writing?

It’s challenging because it’s important to do it well, because stories matter, because the details matter, and because there are sometimes numerous details. They can take years to organize, sometimes. We cannot impose a comprehension of the thoughts, feelings, and memories that we provide in our writing since they are complex and have multiple layers.

Why do so many authors fall short?

They assess themselves against other authors. Most authors compare themselves to other writers, which is likely the biggest factor contributing to all of the other reasons mentioned above as to why writers fail. They try to imitate someone who is succeeding rather than finding their own voice and style.

Why is writing such a strain?

Writing is stressful since it requires a lot of effort. Even if it isn’t physically taxing, the brain requires a lot of energy, and we haven’t evolved to spend hours each day trying to come up with words.

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A successful writer can overcome all these challenges and continue writing until they reach their goals. Hope this article helps you understand fear and challenges in writing and how to overcome it. 

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