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5 Best eBook Publishing Platforms Authors Must Know

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5 Best eBook Publishing Platforms Authors Must Know

Are you interested in reading an ebook? Here is some most popular and best ebook publishing. eBooks publishing platforms are so popular and famous these days. Many more people than ever are becoming self-published authors. As a result, there is a cargo of different eBook publishing platforms to select from.

Going the traditional way has benefits since every author wants to get their ebook published in print into something material. However, one cannot underrate the reach of digital platforms in today’s times.

These sites allow you to announce and sell copies of your ebook. They all work somewhat differently, and each will take a small percentage of the profits.

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5 popular and best ebook publishing platforms 

If you’re looking to self-publish your eBook publishing platforms, we’ve compiled a list of the best self-publishing platforms that are popular and famous among eBook authors.

1. Lulu

Like other popular eBook platforms, Lulu allows you to change your word document into an ePUB arrangement for free. If you pick Lulu books for publishing, you earn almost 75% majesty.

If you choose another route and select another supplier, you get anywhere between 40-50% majesty. It wouldn’t, however, offer automatic formatting services like Draft2Digital.

Moreover, your eBook must pass the standard guarantee test before it is accepted for publishing. With an added cost, you can also grip their marketing services, including publicity and website setup. 


KITABOO is a cloud-based program that helps you create, publish and pass out mobile-affectionate and mixed media-rich eBooks. It is one of the best ebook-given platforms out there. You can leverage its advanced user investigative to evaluate the performance of your eBook after its publication. Besides, this white-tag app is available for Windows, Android, and iOS operating systems.

The digitally enhanced content can also be provided via augmented reality (AR) on KITABOO. With KITABOO, you can easily turn your ebook into ePub format. The platform ensures content certainty with DRM protection and encryptions. Besides, if you are an eBook publisher, you can also generate your own branded web store using KITABOO. Users can not only save eBooks but also read them offline!

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3. Barnes & Noble Press

Barnes & Noble were previously known as Nook Press. For eBooks priced at or above $2.99, authors can earn almost 65% royalty on sales.

Barnes and Noble’s press boasts millions of customers; for this reason, you can benefit from a burly royalty and the extra promotion. You can also keep an eye on sales through their easy-to-steer dashboard.

4. Smashwords

Smashwords has earned a good reputation amongst various eBook accumulation websites. It offers a free ISBN and gets your book into some of the biggest and great stores, including Kobo, Barnes and Noble, and Apple Books.

However, if you select to publish it on the Smashwords store, you can get an 80% royalty on every sale. On the other hand, if you choose a distributor, you will earn 60% of royalties from sales. By using Smashwords, you can observe daily sales data obtained from retailers.

5. Draft2Digital

This is the most popular ebook publishing platform. The issue network of Draft2Digital may not be as vast as Smashwords, but it covers all the crucial ones, such as Kobo, Barnes & Noble, Amazon, and KDP. This new grouping site comes with a smooth design and has a modern feel to it. Besides, you gross a handsome 60% royalties on sales. 

Its robotic formatting services are the talk of the town that, changes any text file into a professional, fashionable eBook.

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Frequently Asked Questions 

Is selling ebooks profitable?

Yes, selling ebooks make you earn a good amount of money. Ebooks can also attract possible leads to your business, which makes them a large lead magnet.

Where are most ebooks sold?

Amazon is the leading ebook distributor, with well over 6 million Amazon ignite ebooks available on the platform.

What is the minimum number of pages of an ebook? 

The quality eBook length can be between almost 10-20 pages, sometimes even more. 

Who is the cheapest publisher of ebooks? 

Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) offers two ways to publish ebooks: you can make your book obtainable to be purchased by anyone, or you can opt to have your books only available to people with a light device. With KDP, you can control your book’s price and change it anytime.

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eBook publishing platforms have greatly standardized publishing and distribution. They give you free entrance to both retailers and readers. 

Besides, with billions of mobile tools worldwide, your eBook can increase international markets much faster than the traditional technique. 

The most profitable aspect of this modern approach is sales. Depending on the platform you select, you get anywhere between almost 40%-80% percentage. 

Having a list like this makes it easy for you to make a last decision and get your book found by millions!

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