You can submit the manuscript to our email.
The book will be published within 45 days.
The books will be printed according to the sales.
In case of copyright or content is not up to the mark as per the market standard.
It enables you to reevaluate your book, spot potential problems, and enhance your output. With editing, you can:
1. Enhance the characters, plot, and other aspects.
2. Fix any plot holes you see.
3. Aim for consistency in tone, topic, and other areas of your book.
4. Effective organization is key.
Professional editors can assist authors in enhancing their writing since they know the qualities of good writing. For an unbiased evaluation, authors and publishers should hire a seasoned editor. Editors can assist writers in improving their work and producing the finest manuscript possible.
Book cover design is a visual representation of the content of your book. It should visually communicate your message to your readers while capturing the soul of your work. It should be eye-catching, memorable, visually appealing, and represent the title and content of your book at a glance. People always look at the cover of your book before they read it!
Yes, both books and eBooks may be designed with kalpvriksh publishing. Your physical book and eBook are included in our cover design services! When you choose design services from our professional and experienced design team, you will receive a one-of-a-kind, eye-catching book cover for your book in both physical and digital formats.
After you’ve finished writing a book, editing it will assist you in advancing it. It enables you to reevaluate your book, spot potential problems, and enhance your output. With editing, you can: Enhance the characters, plot, and other aspects. Fix any plot holes you see. Aim for consistency in tone, topic, and other aspects of your book. Effective organisation is key. Avoid using jargon and repetition. Make sure your writing flows well. Must correct typos and errors.
When you choose Kalpviksh, publishing an eBook is easy. All the self-publishing services you want are available from us in one location, including eBook conversion, expert book editing, eBook cover design, and more. Additionally, we provide global distribution, including through Amazon KDP Select!
If there is a book that you particularly like, see if you can hire the editor because most authors will give thanks to their editors in the Acknowledgments section. Kalpvriksh Publishing will offer you the greatest book editing service if you’re looking for editing services.
Book design is divided into two parts: book cover design and book layout design. A book cover design tries to bring attention to the book by creating a one-of-a-kind and appealing cover. On the other hand, book layout design maps out the layout of the book’s inside pages. Both are critical to the success of a work.
The eBook format is open to self-publishers and almost free for them, so “books” that are too brief to be worth printing on paper can make excellent eBooks. So go ahead and apply a basic concept.
Utilizing Kalpvriksh marketing services has never been simpler for selling your eBook. The first choice is to use Bookshop to sell your book straight to readers. The Bookshop is your one-stop shop where you can increase your earnings, widen your audience, receive payment more quickly, and maintain complete control over the content of your web pages.
An ISBN is not required. But most significantly, if you wish to sell your book through big bookselling chains or online shops, they will want you to have an ISBN to support their internal processing and ordering processes. It will also make your book look more professional.
Don’t panic; you can still sell your book via BookScouter even if it doesn’t appear to have an ISBN. There is a helpful search feature on the website. Enter the title, author, and publication date of the book you’ve already researched in the space provided.