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Copyright is a form of legal protection provided y statutes and is granted to authors of ‘original works’. Through copyright, the author is safe and protects his work. Copyright law prohibits bookstores from making copies and selling them to consumers without the permission of the copyright owner. Not only do customers buy the book, but they also buy the author’s intellectual property, the story of the book, the characters described therein, and all the related settings.



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Frequently Asked Questions

What does the book copyright act in India entail?

What exactly is protected by the Copyright Act of 1957? Original literary, dramatic, musical, and creative works, cinematograph films, and sound recordings are shielded from unlawful uses under the Copyright Act of 1957. In contrast to patents, copyright safeguards expressions rather than ideas.

Does copyrighting my book required before I publish it in India?

We think that if your work is fiction, there is no immediate need to register a copyright. According to The Indian Copyright Act 1957, you have an exclusive right to the information in your book as soon as it is written and published.

What happens if a book is copyrighted?

Regarding copyright law, there are only two absolutes: If the creative work is not protected by copyright, you are free to use it in whatever you like. That includes anything released before 1923 that is in the public domain or has a Creative Commons licence.

Is copyright and ISBN the same thing?

Does obtaining an ISBN imply that my work is protected by copyright? No. Getting an ISBN does not automatically make a book copyrighted. A sole legal right to print, publish, perform, or record literary works belongs to the original work’s author.

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