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A true book designing is the most critical  part of self publishing books. Let’s face it. Color, typeface, snap shots and format all combine to present us an effect of what an e-book is about. And we determine if we love it – in 10 seconds. That’s all of the time you need to grasp a reader’s attention. And in case you fail – they may be gone – directly to the following e-book. You lose a buyer. So it can pay to get your cowl right. Self Publishing in India with Kalpvriksh Publication will offer an expert and appealing  layout guide in each package.

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Genre Specific

When selecting a book in a particular genre category, the reader comes with certain expectations.

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The imagery of the cover needs to convey professionalism to the reader. It needs to maintain a certain standard

Frequently Asked Questions

What is book design?

Book design is divided into two parts: book cover design and book layout design. A book cover design tries to bring attention to the book by creating a one-of-a-kind and appealing cover. On the other hand, book layout design maps out the layout of the book’s inside pages. Both are critical to the success of a work.

What characteristics distinguish an excellent book cover design?

Book cover design is a visual representation of the content of your book. It should visually communicate your message to your readers while capturing the soul of your work. It should be eye-catching, memorable, visually appealing, and represent the title and content of your book at a glance. People always look at the cover of your book before they read it!

Are there book design options for both books and eBooks?

Yes, both books and eBooks may be designed with kalpvriksh publishing. Your physical book and eBook are included in our cover design services! When you choose design services from our professional and experienced design team, you will receive a one-of-a-kind, eye-catching book cover for your book in both physical and digital formats.

Does Kalpvriksh Publishing assist with both the external and inner design of books?

Yes! kalpvriksh publishing offers both exterior and inside book design. Our exterior design includes your book cover design, trim size, and whether you want a hardcover or paperback book. While the exterior design is important for making a good first impression, the internal design can assist in keeping your readers interested.

Your inner book design, also known as manuscript formatting, may incorporate either black text or color font. Black text design is typically used for novels, poetry collections, or memoirs. Colour text design works well in art, photography, and children’s literature (think: books with more images).

Just as you would expect traditional books to be formatted in a way that makes sense to the reader, so should eBooks. Readers can enjoy their digital work on the Amazon Kindle, Apple iPad, and other eBook readers. In addition, kalpvriksh publishing provides inside formatting for eBooks.

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